Frequently Asked Questions

Usually drains are clogged because people are not careful of what they put in them, especially in the kitchen. Other drains, like in the bathroom, get clogged because of the oil residue from soaps, shampoos and hair. There is a possibility that the piping is worn out or, unfortunately, plumbed incorrectly. It is necessary to have this examined by one of our well trained technicians. They will determine the problems with your drains and offer you the best options for repair.
Leaking water heater tanks usually indicate the bottom of the tank has rusted. There are really no good repairs for this problem. You most likely need a new water heater.
If you are without hot water, we consider this an emergency call and will try to fit you in our schedule as soon as possible. Be sure to call us right away and we can research the the model number for you; you may get lucky and find that the product is still under warranty.
While the problem may seem simple, you may not know everything that a plumber does. A plumber is a highly skilled technician who is able to install and repair pipes and plumbing related fixtures, diagnose clogged drain problems and solves all problems related to water systems in your home. Call a trained plumbing technician to prevent any further complications!
A water hammer occurs when a water valve is suddenly shut off. All the water that was running then crashes into the valve, shaking your pipes, creating the knocking noise you hear. ... In some cases, water hammer can be violent enough to shake the pipes loose of their joints and cause leaks.
Tankless water heaters save money in the long run, but initial costs are higher than tank models. ... The U.S. Department of Energy estimates gas-fired tankless heaters save an average of $108 in energy costs per year over their traditional tank counterparts, while electric tankless heaters save $44 per year.
Check the faucet if you only have low water pressure in a particular location.
1. Remove the end of the faucet.
2. Examine your aerator. Check to make sure there are no debris or buildup.
3. If the aerator needs to be cleaned, soak it in a water-vinegar solution.
4. Turn the water on before you replace the aerator.
Hard water is water that contains an appreciable quantity of dissolved minerals (like calcium and magnesium). Soft water is treated water in which the only ion is sodium. Soap is less effective due to its reaction to the magnesium and calcium that lather is not as rich and bubbly.
Tankless Water Heaters: The Long Game. The main difference between tankless water heaters and hot water tanks is that tankless models only use energy when you turn on the tap. ... Tankless water heaters do cost more than water tanks, but you do get these advantages: Much lower energy costs.